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About our Security
TagsforPets.com uses SSL or Secure Socket Layer to ensure that all of our customers' credit card information remains safe from thieves and hackers.

What exactly is SSL and what does it mean? It means that when you send your credit card number to us, your number is encrypted, or converted into a special code, so that as it travels from your browser to our server, it cannot be tampered with by anyone who may try to access it along the way.

Using SSL can make a website very slow at times. Therefore, you will notice as you are browsing through TagsforPets.com, that for most of the time you will not be using a secure part of our site. In order to make certain that our customers can browse through our products as quickly as possible, we have designed our site to use both secure and non-secure servers.

However, please be assured that the point at which a customer enters their credit card information on the TagsforPets.com site, the secure part of our server is used. You can see this security in action when you look at the address of our site and notice that the very beginning of the URL changes from "http:" to "https:". You may also notice a small padlock at the bottom of your browser. Again, you will only see the "https:" and the padlock on the page which you enter your credit card information.

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